Tamizh. Temples. Mallipoo. Dosai. Filter Coffee. Marina. Gaana Paatu. Bharatanatyam. Margazhi. The list is unending and we haven't even started!

Chennai can just not be defined in a couple of words.
It is where tradition and modernism are happily married,
Where religion doesn’t divide, unless it’s cricket and cinema,
Where tickets of Sathyam and Kasi Theatre are sold out parallelly,
Where a four course pizza meal ends with a bowl of curd rice,
Where today you might be a hipster at an EDM concert,
But tomorrow you don’t miss that Aruna Sairam concert either;
Where irrespective of where you are from,
‘Vandharai Vazhavaikum Chennai/ Thamizhagam’.
(Chennai/Tamil Nadu provides living to all her visitors).

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