Our Story

Bonnie A Jose
Madhuri Narayan K

How would it feel for you to have your best friend help and plan a trip for you?
Enter ‘The Soul Window’.

We love travelling; travelling in all its forms.
We love to strike conversations, make people come together and collaborate,
We love different perspectives and believe in abundant possibilities!
We are the kind of travellers who wouldn’t stop with a sunrise at the Marina, but have a rendevouz  with the local fishermen, have a dancer friend explain to us the dictum of Bharatanayam.

Our travels are born from an enticing blend of interesting conversations, extensive reading, our love for the nooks and corners and most importantly, hot chocolate.
Such passionate and unique experiences, however, may take time and effort to brew;
But that’s exactly the sort of effort we completely enjoy putting in, one that almost feels effortless for us!
Which brings us to our intention and understanding of travel:

Travel, to us, is about letting loose: of our past and of our future
It is about being here and now, in the present,
It is about going back to being your 5-year old self
And allowing this new world you’ve stumbled on to affect you.
It is about immersing yourself in the place and its people and thereby,
Discovering aspects of yourself, that hitherto, lay hidden.
Travel cannot be limited in a simplistic checklist of man-made and nature made structures,
It is about the hidden stories behind the making, the inspiration that took to build them,
It is about the people that create the place: their journeys, their food, their everyday banter.

If there is one thing we could wish for people, it is for them to travel to open their souls:
To new places and experiences while creating sustainable value for both the visitors and the visited communities,
Exactly what The Soul Window has taken on!